Why One Diet Does Not Suit Everybody

During the last decade or so, scientists have been uncovering information about the significance of our microbiome for optimizing health. The microbiome is the microscopic community of microbes, including bacteria, fungi, viruses and parasites that live on us and in us. A rich diversity of these microbes are essential for our well being and perform important functions such as breaking down food, creating important nutrients, protecting our bodies from unhealthy microbes and helping to clear out dead tissue as our cells renew.

I find this cutting edge health technology fascinating and that's why I recently sent a stool sample to Viome, for analysis. When the kit arrived, everything I needed, to enable me to collect the sample efficiently and hygienically, at home, was inside the box, as well as easy to follow instructions. A couple of weeks later my results landed on my new Viome app.

Because of their in depth, but growing, knowledge of the workings of the microbiome, Viome don't...

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